Released at sunset 7:29 PM 

Here's your ”Friday Night” reggae tune.

It's another timeless reggae anthem from the one and only Desmond Foster.
The light is shining bright in his corner. He continues to develop his own
grass-root style of music with a real element of a go getter. No surprise there.

This time he gives you an insight into one of his types of friday nights whether
it's in Brooklyn, London,  Kingston or Stockholm. It's the same all over, when we're talking
about friday night and reggae.

Blast this tune in your friday night traffic jam. Remember, reggae music a di
people dem choice!

First single from upcoming EP. Now on his own label.

Artist: Desmond Foster
Label: One Is (ONE IS 001)
Track List:
1 Friday Night
2. Friday Dub
3. Friday Instrumental

Mixed by Desmond Foster & Carlo

Mastered by Karl Lund

Artwork: Gordon Cyrus